How to Draw a Pizza

How to Draw a Pizza
How to Draw a Pizza

If you are wondering about how to draw a pizza then, you must browse through this article where there are instructions regarding the same. Here the drawing is all about mastering the art of creating a slice of pizza, but the same can be applied for drawing multiple slices of pizza. The step-by-step instruction is easy, convenient, and good for beginners. Let’s see how the magic unfolds.

The Italian magic has a global fandom and there is no doubt that even looking at the picture, anybody can feel hungry. The vegan pizza, vegetarian pizza, and non-vegetarian pizza all are alluring and delicious. Many countries have customized the recipe as per their own culinary skill. So if you are feeling hungry, let’s divulge the mystery of drawing a pizza slice.

Know-it-all Before You Start…

 Drawing Materials Needed:

  • Drawing sheet
  • Pencil
  • Crayons/Water Color

Expected Time: 

  • 30 minutes (Including coloring)

 Difficulty Level:

  • Moderate to difficult (preferably for 10-16 years old)

How to Draw a Pizza Step by Step

Remember, concentration is the key, so let us start…

Step 1: Draw two slight arches like the following red lines.

How to Draw a Pizza Step-1
How to Draw a Pizza (Step 1)

Step 2: Join the left and right sides with a slightly curved “C”. Now you have a horizontal cylinder or pipe-like thing.

How to Draw a Pizza Step-2
How to Draw a Pizza (Step 2)

Step 3: Be creative and have a “V” shaped addition to your already made pipe. The shape of the dangling “V” will not be smooth and you must create some dangling points like the following.

How to Draw a Pizza Step-3
How to Draw a Pizza (Step 3)

Step 4: Now create an outline on the right side of the pizza slice for a three-dimensional effect. Fill in the inner side of the “pipe” for more details.

How to Draw a Pizza Step-4
How to Draw a Pizza (Step 4)

Step 5: Make some haphazard toppings on the top.

How to Draw a Pizza Step-5
How to Draw a Pizza (Step 5)

Step 6: Color the delicious slice of pizza and fall in love with it!!

How to Draw a Pizza Step-6
How to Draw a Pizza (Step 6)

Pizza Drawing in One Picture

This one-picture solution is the best for all. You can comprehend by looking at the image and don’t really have to scroll. Download the PDF and store it so that you can try it anytime.

How to Draw a Pizza Step by Step in One Picture
How to Draw a Pizza Step by Step

Video: How to Draw a Pizza

Undoubtedly, more convenient and easy to say the least. The only side effect is that you can actually feel hungry looking at the video tutorial. The tutorial is a fun one to watch over and over again. 

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