How to Draw Mittens

How to Draw Mittens
How to Draw Mittens

Don’t you think mittens look so cute on whoever’s wearing them? Does the thought of how to draw mittens ever stroke your mind? Wintertime gives an amazing feel and you’d need to dig out your beautiful mittens at that time. 

If you want to practice patterns of drawings then, you can’t get anything simpler than mittens. so, follow this step-by-step instruction with pictures with a simple video tutorial for mittens drawing easily. 

If you’re interested then, don’t worry as drawing the shape of the mitten is quite an easy job. Prepare all the required tools including a Pencil, drawing paper, and eraser beforehand. 

Not only are mittens cute to wear but they have other vital functions too: they protect one from the cold. Most of you might think mittens drawing would be tough but with our simple instructions, you could easily learn it. 

Kids tend to have accidents easily on ice or snow, so it acts as protection for them. The mittens certainly cover the thumb or most of the hand, you’d know once you draw it. Certainly, I created a great opportunity for you all with my easy drawing tutorial. 

Know-it-all Before You Start…

  1. Drawing Materials Needed: Drawing Sheet, Pencil & Eraser, Water Color/Crayons
  2. Expected Time: 40 minutes (Including coloring)
  3. Difficulty Level: Moderate

Step by Step Mittens Drawing Instructions

Step 1: Draw two question marks one straight and another will be the mirror image

Step 2: Join the lines with two more curved lines like your thumb finger.

Step 3: Now join the bottom part with two small lines.

Step 4: Now make it more interesting with more vertical lines.

Step 5: In this step join both mittens with a rope.

Step 6: Make a wonderful design between both of the mittens, by drawing two “X” shapes first is big and another one will be small.

Step 7: Now make it more beautiful with a snowflake design with some small straight lines.

Step 8: It’s time to make these mittens colorful with red and blue.

I know this is a little bit difficult to draw, but don’t worry I am here for you with this printable picture. So don’t wait, just start this drawing after downloading this image. 

How to Draw Mittens Step by Step in One Picture
How to Draw Mittens Step by Step


I hope my video tutorial will be a great help and you’d find mitten drawing easy to learn from me. You could try to sketch various mittens and apply your favorite color to them. 

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