How to Draw a Lightning Bolt

How to Draw a Lightning Bolt

Are you wondering how to draw a lightning bolt? Don’t worry, my step-by-step drawing pictures with video tutorial will be helpful for your lightning strike drawing session. Most of you would find the zigzag line ripping across the sky incredible. How brilliant would it look if you add it to your drawings?

I know you’re excited to draw a lightning bolt and you’d be amazed that I will be there with you to teach the simple procedure through my step-by-step video tutorials. Let’s together proceed further to the steps without delay.

The impressive blinding flashes that everyone witnesses during the rainy seasons are a common phenomenon. Even in various movies or cartoon series, you could notice those that create horrific or thrilling scenes. It’s an excellent opportunity for everyone interested to learn how to draw lighting bolts step by step. 

Some of you would get cautious with the bright luminous color and sharp pointed edges of the thunderbolt, but it is an easy drawing. 
You’d be surprised to see that our video consists of a step-by-step drawing of a thunderbolt with helpful guidance. Hopefully, you’ll have the best drawing experience with me and draw the thunderbolt to affect your scenery drawing negatively.

Know-it-all Before You Start…

  1. Drawing Materials: Drawing sheet, Pencil, Eraser, Scale (If required)
  2. Expected Time: 25 minutes (Including coloring)
  3. Difficulty Level: Moderate

Lightning Bolt Drawing Instructions

Step 1: At first, draw a square bracket shape but make the lower part short.

How to Draw a Lightning Bolt

Step 2: Now draw an angle below the 1st step.

How to Draw a Lightning Bolt Step 2

Step 3: Connect it by the angle shape.

How to Draw a Lightning Bolt Step 3

Step 4: Draw another angel, connecting the edge.

How to Draw a Lightning Bolt Step 4

Step 5: Make another one similar to the 4th step

How to Draw a Lightning Bolt Step 5

Step 6: Make it 3D with some straight lines.

How to Draw a Lightning Bolt Step 6

Step 7: Make it colourful with yellow and orange.

How to Draw a Lightning Bolt Step 7

How to Draw a Lightning Bolt Step by Step

For offline drawing, you just have to download these printable step-by-step pictures. It will help you as you get the pictures in your hand. This PDF is 100% Free for you. So…. you can print it anytime.

How to Draw a Lightning Bolt Step by Step


I hope my exciting and easy video tutorial was a great help for your lightning bolt drawing in a few simple steps. But, you must strive to get the straight lines correctly as the whole process is dependent on it. 

You can check my video tutorial for this lighting bolt drawing, there you will get a good experience. At last, if you like it please follow us and subscribe for the next updates. 

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